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About us

Situated in Port-des-Barques, an authentic fishing village at the mouth of the Charente estuary, the museum invites you to discover the oyster and its environment through different exhibitions. Since its foundation in 1994, the Ecomusée is involved in the protection of the fragile river estuary environment.

L'exposition de l'écomusée
L'exposition de l'écomusée

The museum is established in the heart of an oyster farming site, within two former sheds that have been converted into exhibition venues.

Run by an association, it was created in 1994 to help protecting the fragile environment of the area and enhancing the coastal heritage by leading concrete actions.


Our main missions :

  • Preserving the local heritage;

  • Running an oyster farming site;

  • Restoring and preserving traditional craft;

  • Organizing educational sessions/pedagogical days;

  • Making an oyster farming site accessible to all

  • Promote environmental awareness.

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