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Our museum welcomes all visitors. In keeping with France's 2005 disability law, the Ecomusée aims to ensure all visitors can access the museum safely and comfortably. We do our best to make our exhibitions and services accessible to everyone.

We have received the National Tourism and Handicap Label (Tourisme & Handicap).

Blind or visually impaired

During the guided tour, all the objects can be touched. We display several scale models and tactile models.

Booklets are available in large print or braille format to help you during the visit and labels are transcribed entirely into braille

Length: 1hour


Deaf of hearing-impaired

During the year, visitors can take part in guided tours given in French sign language, around various topics.

To know more about the visits and the dates, you can contact us by email or by phone +335-46-84-19-19.

Length: 2hours


Visitors with development disabilities

Guided tours are the best way to  discover the oyster farming activity and its environment by stimulating and arounsing the curiosity of the visitors.

Objets can be manipulated. Small groups are preferred (5 to 15 people with disabilities - max. 25 people including accompanying persons).

Length: 1hour


Visitors with physical disabilities

Visitors with physical disabilities can discover our exhibitions thanks to accessible itineraries. Our facilites including the car park, the pathway, the reception and the toilets are accessible to all visitors. Benches have also been put up all along the circuit to make your visit the best experience possible.

Length: 1hour

For more information about the accessibility, please contact us by email or by phone +335-46-84-19-19.

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